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We believe...
in education  inspiration  transformation


Applied Culture Group LLC is a woman-owned small business that works to transform how individuals and societies address conflict, trauma and healing. 


ACG's Founding Director, S. Elizabeth Snyder PhD, has over 25 years combined experience in civilian and military education, social justice advocacy, and peacebuilding.


Applied Culture Group believes that change is possible. The ACG team is committed to whole-of-community solutions. We cultivate inclusive, creative leadership that fosters relationship, facilitates communication, encourages innovation, and engenders trust and respect. 

Woman Owned - Community Driven
Applied Culture Group provides a safe space for communities to explore difficult, divisive issues. ACG workshops allow participants to examine past grievances, challenge present perceptions, and foster future possibilities based on collaborative, sustainable alternatives to continued violence, trauma and harm. The ACG Team specializes in dialogue and community action to address: cultural and historical injustices, structural inequality, non-democratic governance, human rights abuses, and unmet justice needs.






Global Reach - Local Impact

Applied Culture Group works at the local, national and global level to cultivate transformative bridgebuilding efforts among diverse stakeholders: U.S. and foreign militaries, civil society organizations, first responders, academic institutions, public health officials, the justice sector, and faith leaders.


ACG's team of committed trainers are leaders in public service and social change. We are career professionals in academia, psychology, medicine, military, diplomacy, community organizing and the creative arts. We have lived and worked in North, Central and South America; Central, South and Southeast Asia; Europe, Africa, Micronesia and the Middle East. 

Proven Performance


Applied Culture Group has proven performance in comprehensive outreach, advocacy and healing. Our team of professionals bring expertise in: cross-sector dialogue and negotiation; trauma awareness and response; emergency medical assistance; restorative justice facilitation; field-based experiential learning and assessment; cultural advising and training; and interagency coordination. We provide services to U.S. military personnel, private sector media specialists, non-profit agencies, and behavioral health providers. 

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