Long Past Time to Talk About Trauma—Raising Awareness and Resilience

BY ANGELA R. DICKEY, Originally published in THE FOREIGN SERVICE JOURNAL, JULY/AUGUST 2016 Taking better care of employees—from pre-employment to post-employment—makes economic sense, creates better morale and is the right thing to do. The Foreign Service Act of 1980 mandates a “career foreign service characterized by excellence and professionalism” as “essential in the national interest to assist the President and the Secretary of State in conducting the foreign affairs of the United States.” Excellence and professionalism are difficult to maintain in an environment that requires repeated exposure to stressful and potentially traumatic situations. The January-February Foreign Service Journa

Upcoming Mindfulness for Change Course in Fayetteville

Mindfulness for Change is for all those interested in improved health and happiness. This interactive workshop applies core principles of mindful awareness to all aspects of everyday life: work, family, friendships, and self. Mindfulness for Change explores the power of present-day living and demonstrates how everyone can benefit from these simple, yet transformative practices. Positive outcomes include: clearer thinking, calmer emotions, increased confidence, enhanced gratitude and stronger relationships. Mindfulness for Change inspires participants to live more fully in the here and now. Groups build and sustain the cultivation of daily practices, to include: mindful breathing, mindful eat

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