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Border 360 is a strategic dialogue initiative that optimizes whole-of-society partnerships to address current border challenges. The increased securitization of international borders presents a compelling need for collaborative input regarding the changing practice, politics and impacts of policing national boundaries.  Border 360 bridges sectoral silos, bringing together leaders from across border communities: security personnel, business professionals, the justice sector, civil society organizations, immigration advocates, faith leaders and academics.


Border 360 builds comprehensive community networks to confront key areas of political, economic and social concern: undocumented migration, human trafficking, drug and arms smuggling, cartel and gang activity, community division and violence, disrupted trade and tourism. Border 360 field teams provide intensive skills building in the following areas: conflict analysis, human security, strategic negotiation, key leader engagement, protection of civilians, and trauma awareness and response. Projects are customized for specific border contexts, to include train-the-trainer programs and monitoring and assessment.

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