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S. Elizabeth Snyder, PhD
Applied Anthropologist, ACG Founding Director
Professional Journey


Dr. Elizabeth Snyder, Founding Director of Applied Culture Group, is a lifelong bridgebuilder. Her career spans 25+ years in research, fieldwork, activism and education. Elizabeth has led and served on peacebuilding projects in Central and South America, South Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


Elizabeth is an alumna of the Academy for International Conflict Management and Peacebuilding at the U.S. Institute of Peace, where she completed practitioner courses in conflict analysis, negotiation, security institutions, adaptive leadership, identity-based differences, peacebuilding organizations, and trauma and peacebuilding.

Elizabeth also completed the Conflict Transformation Across Cultures (CONTACT) program at the School for International Training and is a Certified STAR Trainer (Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience) from Eastern Mennonite University


Before founding her own company, Elizabeth served as Director of International Studies at the University of North Carolina Asheville . She developed and taught courses on Local and Global Peacebuilding, Indigenous Rights and Social Justice, as well as Gender, Refugees, and Human Rights. While at UNCA, she led immersive field projects in Honduras, Bolivia and the former East Germany.
In 2010, Elizabeth began work with the U.S. military, designing and delivering pre-deployment culture training for the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. Dr. Snyder’s current projects highlight her passion for trauma awareness and healing, both domestically and internationally. She conducts customized trauma response workshops for military families, U.S. colleges, and universities, as well as humanitarian and civil society organizations. As part of her ongoing peacebuilding efforts, Elizabeth facilitates national and international train-the-trainer workshops focused on the vital role of diplomacy, culturally sensitive negotiation, conflict transformation, and trauma-informed leadership. 


Bridgebuilding and Trauma Healing


Elizabeth’s vision is to transform the way individuals and societies address conflict, trauma and healing.


She believes that change is possible. Elizabeth is committed to whole-of-community solutions and actively promotes inclusive, creative leadership that fosters relationship, facilitates communication, encourages innovation, and engenders trust and respect.   


Her organization Applied Culture Group provides a safe space for communities to explore difficult, divisive issues: cultural and historical injustice, structural inequality, non-democratic governance, human rights abuses, and unmet justice needs. ACG projects and workshops allow participants to examine past grievances, challenge present perceptions, and foster future possibilities based on collaborative, sustainable alternatives to continued violence, trauma, and harm. 


Dr. Snyder and her team work at the local, national, regional and global level to pioneer transformative bridgebuilding efforts among diverse stakeholders: U.S. and foreign militaries, civil society organizations, public health officials, the justice sector, and faith leaders.


Effective, Responsible and Innovative Peacebuilding


Elizabeth ignites a passion for shared learning and social change. Her research-based, experiential trainings stimulate insight and action by engaging participants in a journey of discovery. Her workshops harness the power of collective dialogue, storytelling, art, theater, dance, mindfulness,

and somatic healing. 


Elizabeth is committed to evidence-based practices based on rigorous research, monitoring and evaluation. Applied Culture Group partners with distinguished experts and agencies to provide immediate as well as longitudinal feedback on the effectiveness of her programs. 

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