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R2T should be mandatory training and a part of reintegration for all soldiers

The Responses to Trauma (R2T) program supports individuals and communities by proactively addressing traumatic exposure and building capacity for increased well-being. This interactive 5-day workshop applies the latest research from psychology, neurobiology, mind-body medicine, mindfulness and the creative arts. 

The R2T workshop examines the physical, cognitive, behavioral and spiritual impacts of trauma. Participants explore their own trauma histories and identify sources of resilience and strength. Participants gain powerful tools to regulate their responses to trauma and to release trauma energy in healthy ways. Participants likewise learn creative breaking free strategies for use in their families, organizations, and communities. On the final day of the workshop, R2T participants design concrete action plans for continued personal growth and professional/organizational implementation.

I will definitely promote this in my unit. I told my battle buddy ‘you need this!‘ 
Nothing has impacted me like this training. It showed me how the trauma in my life continues to affect me and what I need to do to move forward. 

Modules Include:

Regulating the body’s stress response

Trauma-sensitive communication

Trauma release exercises

Mindfulness as medicine

Building resilient communities & organizations

Who Should Attend:


Active Duty Military & Veterans

First Responders

Chaplains & Clergy

Behavioral Health Providers

College Students

Parents & Caregivers

This training makes you a better person, leader and therapist. You can help others on their journey because you've been on that journey yourself. 
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